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Hi there, We are Alpha Digital!

Since 2019, we empower individuals & organizations to accelerate growth by acquiring the most in-demand digital strategies, skills & tools in business.


Our purpose

Empowering digital growth, together

We help professionals and businesses to take advantage of the opportunities that digital transformation creates: Empowering the most in-demand digital capabilities, to adapt, grow and succeed.


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Who we are

We are a community of growth enthusiasts,

A like-minded community with the shared expertise and aspiration to learn and grow digitally. With our powerful alumni network of 1,100 professionals and more than 100 corporate partners we are making a real impact on the future of work by transforming the way professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses grow in the field of business-to-business.

Leadership Team 

Iwan Lubberts

Iwan Lubberts Founder & Director

Robbert Blaauw

Robbert Blaauw Director of Partnerships

Management & Operations

Astrid Merkt_About

Astrid Merkt Partnership Manager

Sara Cero_About

Sara Cero Content Specialist

Celest Chong

Celest Chong Partnership Manager


Tamara Japundiz Campaign Manager

Lasse Peterson_About

Lasse Peterson Search & Marketing

Anja Nanovic_About

Anja Nanovic Campaign Manager

Maja Aksen_About

Maja Aksen User Experience

Alex Janiec_About

Alex Janiec Platform Development

Alpha Digital – Hong Kong, SAR

Located in the heart of the financial hub of Hong Kong, we provide our partners with a most energetic and inspiring learning environment for on-campus training & coaching. 

Address: New Street, 1-13 Sheung Wan, Central


Alpha Digital – Singapore

Singapore is one of the most innovative and exciting places to be in this dynamic market today. Find our training center in the middle of it all to equip you with the skills and tools you need to succeed in this competitive market.  

Address: 109 North Bridge Road, Funan, Singapore


What we do

Digital Transformation through the most in-demand skills & tools


Career Success

We design and deliver courses that equip professionals with the cutting-edge digital skills demanded by businesses. We aim to empower learners with the mindset and tools they need to embrace everyday learning.


Business Success

We help organizations accelerate transformation through learning. As a growth partner, we co-create programs that foster the behavioral and cultural changes they need to perform in a digital world to make a measurable impact on bottom-line results. 

How we do it

Digital training programs for companies & professionals focused on the world’s most in-demand digital skills and tools

Modern organizations face skills gaps and complex digital challenges that cannot be solved by generic solutions. That is why we co-create upskilling programs designed around your specific business goals to enhance digital skills for employees. Delivered through actionable, enjoyable and impactful experiences


Interactive Classroom Sessions

Our team training program for companies are designed as macro-learning experiences to significantly enhance digital skills for employees.

Hosted and facilitated by expert’ trainers, these upskilling programs ignite collaboration and critical discussion around real business challenges and work towards implementing cutting-edge growth solutions.


Personalized Coaching

In our sales team training we ensure every individual in your team gets the contextual guidance they need to overcome their unique challenges.

The sales team training provides additional structure, guidance, and support for your workforce, but they also add an extra layer of accountability – ensuring no one gets left behind as your business transforms and performs in the digital age.


On-Demand Learning

Self-paced and highly flexible on-demand learning content allows your teams to deep-dive into the topics and tools that matter most to their development in the team training program.

These upskilling programs are highly scalable and can be customised based on the agreed learning objectives.


Workshops & Power Sessions

Our workshops and power sessions aim to challenge assumptions and inspire stakeholders at all levels of the organization.

These talks are great for setting the foundations of change in your organizations and introducing teams to key concepts and mindsets to enhance digital skills for employees.

Why we are here

We believe learning has the power to grow us all

and that is why we are here – to transform the way individuals and businesses transform and grow. To ensure professional capabilities stay current, and businesses stay competitive.

We continuously ignite people to move forward by providing actionable, hands-on, impactful, and measurable growth experiences, focused on the most in-demand digital skills and capabilities in the market.

Changes in technology and digital are happening faster than ever before. It is revolutionising the way we live, work, and communicate. Organizations are adopting new technologies to stay both relevant and competitive. As they push for innovation, the human capabilities in-demand evolve – faster and faster.


This evolution means new and exciting roles within entirely new teams will appear, new opportunities to specialise or diversify, and new businesses opportunities brining up in entirely new industries.

But, as new capabilities are required, others will fade away. Demand for people with high-level digital skills is greater than the supply of those very people with the right capabilities and expertise.

Welcome the digital skills gap. This is challenging for people, it is holding back innovation, productivity, and business potential. We are here to help you with that.

Be a part of the growth journey

Interested in getting involved with us? From digital programs to media partnerships and careers – we are always looking for the best and most passionate! 


Press Room

Our team loves working with forward-thinking journalists and media across APAC to share our unique perspectives, analysis and bold opinions on learning, digital skills, and the future of work.



Be a part of the innovative and energetic team behind Alpha Digital. We are always on the look-out for ambitious, creative and curious individuals to help us drive meaningful change in the market.



We empower individuals & organizations to accelerate growth by acquiring the most in-demand digital skills & tools through actionable, hands-on, and result-driven growth programs.

Alpha Digital is a global growth partner for organizations & professionals – specialized in Business Development, Innovation and Customer Experience. We empower our partners to accelerate growth by acquiring the most in-demand digital capabilities through result-driven programs & business solutions.

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